Our animal shelter Caviaplein 

Because all pets deserve a fantastic life

Since 2012, our shelter helps guinea pigs that need a new home. We accept animals that are no longer wanted and most of them find a new place to live. Many other guinea pigs stay with us for diverse reasons. 

We welcome more than 600 animals each year

Most guinea pigs find a new home

More than 50 guinea pigs have a permanent home in our shelter

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Our vision

Many pets have a fantastic life. Unfortunately, that doesn’t count for all of them. Some guinea pigs are still kept alone, in small cages, without proper food or without being understood by their owners. In our shelter we welcome animals that were bought as toys for children and not interesting anymore. Guinea pigs that were dumped in boxes in the freezing cold. Owners who thought to have to females, but surprize…. Situations that are cause by lack of interest or knowledge. These are situations that the guinea pig itself didn’t choose. They are completely dependant of our care.

That’s why we owe it to them to offer them the best life. And one advantage is that we will enjoy our animals more as well this way.

Guinea pigs are individuals with a unique character and self-worth

Our animal shelter does not breed with guinea pigs. We believe that it’s important that an adoption occurs in the benefit of the animal. That means that we keep animals that come together often are rehomed together. Sometimes this means they will stay in the shelter a little bit longer, but that’s ok!

We don’t castrate all males. When males get along fine together, we don’t see a good reason to do so. Guinea pigs that we welcome alone will be matched to one or more other animals, as guinea pigs are group animals that need company of their own species. We can never replace that.

A large part of the guinea pigs in our shelter has a permanent home here. Most of them are too old to move again, have health problems or some challenges in their behaviour.

Our animal shelter runs on a fantastic team of volunteers. Without them, it’s not possible to take good care of all animals!

Bringing your guinea pig

We welcome all guinea pigs in our shelter. Sometimes, we have to work with a waiting list for specific animals.

The fee for bringing a guinea pig is 10 euros per animal.

Uncastrated single-kept males have a fee of 40 euros, this is half of the price to castrate them.

Make an appointment

You can make an appointment via info@caviaplein.nl

Good to know!

No guinea pigs are housed alone permanently. We don't let animals move to a new home alone.
Most healthy guinea pigs will be available for adoption. We decide if animals stay with us. Otherwise, we will be full very soon.
Animals that are difficult to rehome remain in our shelter as long as necessary. We never put animals down because they are "difficult".
This could be a quote or a full testimonial or even a short explanation about something
We ask you to sign a form that states you will loose any responsibility of the animals when you leave them with us.

Adopt guinea pigs

Most animals that we welcome will be available for adoption. We prefer to match couples based on desires of you and your specific situation. Most of the time, we select the couples which may suit and then we let the animals choose of they agree with our pick. But if you saw some fantastic guinea pigs, of course we can introduce you to those specific animals as well! 


Young animal (younger than 6 months): 30 euros

Adult animal: 25 euros

Castrated male: 80 euros

Visit us!

We want to take all the time we need for a successfull adoption. You can make an appointment via info@caviaplein.nl

Good to know!

We don't allow animals to move when they will be alone, because guinea pigs are group animals!
Most animals are already coupled and only available as that couple. Combining from different couples  is not possible.

It is possible to couple your single guinea pig to a single friend when we have a proper match.

We rehome couples of males, females or a castrated male with a female. Sometimes, a different combination is possible. 

Males are not castrated, unless it is specifically mentioned.
When you adopt animals, we ask you to sign a simple contract that states that you will take full responsibility for your animals.

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We make most of the natural food we sell by ourselves and we also support other animal shelters via the orders that are placed in our webshop. For now, it's only in Dutch but we have plans for an English webshop as well. 

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