8 supercool Christmas dishes for guinea pigs and rabbits

It is almost Christmas! Of course your dear pets also deserve a Christmas dinner. And you can put it together very quickly and easily with these ideas to help you get started!

1. Veggie stars

Needed: slices of vegetables. For example, you can use cucumber, carrot or apple.

Carefully cut the slices into stars and serve them to your animals.

2. Hay Christmas ball

Needed: hay and raffia rope (you can also use dried herbs as filling)

Ball up some hay in your palm and wrap a piece of rope around it. Make sure you have a longer end so you can hang the ball.

3. Veggie garland

Needed: slices and rings of vegetables. For example, you can use snack tomatoes, cucumber, apple, pepper, celery, endive leaves, radish and carrot.

Thread the vegetables on a string and hang it in the cage!

4. Hay buffet

Needed: hay and dried vegetables

Place the hay in a large (feeding) bowl and sprinkle it with a topping of tasty dried herbs.

5. Chicory boats

Needed: chicory, snack tomatoes and small pieces of vegetables, such as cucumber slices, carrots, celery

Sort the vegetables into a chicory leaf. Ready to serve!

6. Stuffed peppers

Needed: hollowed out bell pepper and pieces of vegetables for the filling, such as some lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber, celery, radishes, endive, chicory

Cut the vegetables into small pieces and fill the pepper.

7. Christmas wreath

Needed: pieces of cut vegetables and some snack tomatoes

Make a beautiful wreath of the vegetables in a shallow plate and decorate your wreath with tomatoes!

8. Endive Christmas tree

Needed: 2 heads of endive, a string to string the vegetables, some slices of cucumber and carrot and some snack tomatoes

Place the heads of endive on top of each other. Thread the vegetables onto the string and make a garland around the endive. This is a fantastic Christmas treat, especially for a larger group of guinea pigs!


And... what do your guinea pigs or rabbits get for Christmas dinner?

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