You can find lots of treats for guinea pigs. Basically, they don’t really need this, but most of the products won’t harm your animal if they eat it sometimes. Herbs or vegetables are the healthiest treats you can buy and most piggies will just love to eat them. 

Unfortunately, there are also many snacks and treats available that aren’t healthy or even dangerous for guinea pigs. Generally, treats that are made of hay and green herbs are a healthy choice. 

Which treats are unhealthy for your piggies?

  • Products that contain artificial colourants, such as heavily coloured cookies.
  • Products with a high fat percentage, such as yoghurt drops.
  • Products that contain dairy or eggs, such as yoghurt drops or some rodent breads.
  • Products that should be good for the teeth, especially mineral blocks, are very dangerous due to their high mineral percentage. To keep the teeth healthy, guinea pigs must eat lots of hay. 
  • Products with much energy won’t harm a healthy animal with a normal weight, but are not good for obese guinea pigs. These are for instance muesli’s or rodent sticks.

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