5 useful hay racks

Do your animals also love to spill as much hay as they can? Or do they pee on it and refuse to eat it after that? There are better solutions! These five products may help you to keep hay clean and from the floor. Even better: you can provide hay in a more interesting way as well and look cool in the cage! 

Standing hay rack

A good and firm model is very useful and hygienic to use.

Hay ball

Useful for hay, coarse dried herbs or fresh leafy greens. Always hang them up well to make sure there won’t become any head stuck in it.

Hay bag

Cozy and easy to refill.

Wooden handcart 

This model is firm, durable and easy to refill. Plus, some animal will love to lie down in it while they eat hay.

Search box

You can use any low box that is made of safe materials. Your guinea pigs or rabbits can sit down in their food and still pee in it, but a box is much easier to clean than the entire cage. You can also add some dried herbs to make a real treasure box!

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