Come heeeeere!

With a super smart puppy Truffel (Truffle) at home, coming here is is an issue again. Because our little girl realized that coming here often means that the fun is over. How do you ensure that your puppy or adult dog almost always comes to you when you call?

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Coming here is fun!

It's super important that your dog loves coming to you. So coming here is always fun, even if you would rather want to do something else to your dog because he won't listen again. You must be more fun than whatever he's doing. That can be quite a challenge if your dog races through the garden or forest, digs holes, etc. 

Fortunately, most dogs do like a treat. So to practice coming here you can use something tasty. Preferably something super tasty, such as pieces of cheese or sausage. And a very happy boss is of course many times more attractive than one who just shouts.


Practice at home

It is useful to practice coming here at home first. Just in the room or the garden. It is also a fun game to play with your child: both take a handful of treats and take turns calling your dog enthusiastically. Make it a party when he comes to you and reward him. For most dogs, the choice is quickly made.

Also, be clear about what you want from your dog. Should he sit with you? Should he lie down? Should he do something different? Go practice that as a next step.

Are things going well in a quiet environment? Then you can also try the same in a somewhat more difficult setting or in another safe place. Make sure you always reward your dog immediately if he decides to come and choose for you, so that he is rewarded in time.


The fun is over

Make sure that coming here doesn't always mean the fun is over. So call your dog when he's busy in the garden or during a walk, reward him lavishly and then let him do his thing again. Do not exaggerate in this, especially if you see that your dog is having a great time. If you are sure that your dog will come to you, it is certainly wise not to call him unnecessarily often.


Have fun coming here!

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