When is it too hot for guinea pigs? And what can I do to cool my guinea pig down?

When is it too hot for guinea pigs? And what can I do to cool my guinea pig down?

Just like us, our guinea pigs are less active when it’s warm. They often eat less as well. What can you do to cool them down? And when do you have to take extra action?

Guinea pigs can’t sweat and when it’s 22 degrees or more it’s quite warm for them. That doesn’t mean that it’s dangerous for them, but some extra measures are very pleasant for them.

What can you do to cool your guinea pigs down?

  • Don’t place the cage in the sun, make sure the cage is in the shadow. You might move the cage temporarily.
  • Provide fresh veggies throughout the day. This way they will eat extra moist.
  • Provide food in the morning and evening. Most animals are more active then.
  • Keep the cage and bedding extra dry and clean.
  • Cut long-haired animals short.
  • Put a layer of cold shallow water in a dish, so they can cool their feet down if they want to.
  • Put an ice pod or a frozen bottle in a towel in the cage.
  • Refresh the water several times a day. Cool fresh water is more tasty!
  • Remove leftovers from vegetables in time to prevent rotting.

Alarm signals

  • No appetite
  • Visible quick respiration
  • No response on the surroundings
  • We nose and mouth

When your animals display some of these signals, make sure you’ll contact a specialized vet.

Cool your guinea pig down by:

  1. Putting him in a cooler room
  2. Making the ears wet with some water
  3. Putting the guinea pig in a dish with shallow half cold water to make te feet wet
  4. Trying to make the guinea pig eat as quickly as possible



  • Put your guinea pig in cold water (the temperature difference is too big)
  • Put a fan directly pointed on the cage
  • Put your animals in a draft
  • Provide a frozen bottle without a towel

If your animal is housed outside, put an umbrella above the pen or span a big blanket to make sure there is plenty of shadow. When it’s too hot, you might house your piggies inside for a few hours until the temperature drops.

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