What do you need to house your guinea pig?

Hiding places

Guinea pigs have a natural urge to hide. It’s very important that they can do that! Make sure that hutches and other hiding places are safe. That means no sharp edges and safe materials (often wood or cardboard). You can use wooden houses, a tree tunnel, cardboard boxes with holes, soft beds made of fleece, etc.

Food bowls

A good food bowl is heavy enough and not too high to prevent flipping when your piggies sit on the edge while they eat.

Water bottle or bowl

Refresh the water daily. When you use a bowl, pick a heavy one that can’t be lifted. Refresh the water more often if it becomes dirty.

Hay racks

You can use different racks to provide hay without getting dirty. You can use standing racks or a box that you can fill with hay. Read more about hay racks!


Guinea pigs love to hide, eat and destroy. If you buy or make something with this, they will love it!

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